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We try to cover all questions to help your shopping with SheZain. If you have more questions, please fele free to send us email to

Who is Shezain

Q: What is SheZain?

A: We are online store located in Oman. We list a lot of products from many sources around the world. 

Q: If I have products and want to sell it with Shezain, do you have accept that?

A: yes, if you are interested, please email us and we shall come back to you.


Q: How long is the Shipping?

A: It depends on the source of the items. Some items we can deliver between 5-15 days. some items will need 15-35 day to reach Oman. If you order did not arrive even after 40 days, please contact us we shall make sure your are reimbursed. 

Q: Are all your products have Free Shipping?

A: Free Shipping is for purchase over R.O. 50. If you purchase less than that, you have to pay R.O.10. 

Q: Are there any items has FREE Shipping?

A: Yes. All our products from Turkey has Free shipping. You can enjoy buying any item you want from Turkey and no Shipping will be there.

Q: What about other products? Do they I need to pay for Shipping?

A: Yes, currently all other items from China or other sources, you have to purchase more R.O. 50 or you will pay R.O.10 for shipping.


Q: Do you deliver to your customers?

A: No. all orders will deliver to your address you list in your account. Some customers want delivery to their PO Box in post office and some by their home address.

Q: Do you have Items in Oman and you deliver them?

A: Currently we dont have items in our warehouse. In future we are planning to bring some products like perfumes and deliver it directly to customers.


Q: How can I pay for my orders?

A: Currently we accept payment through bank transfer to our bank account with NBO. The detailes will be at checkout, and you will get a message about the transfer. We request you to email us when you do the transfer with your order number and transaction number.

We are working to get payment service with credit cards and debit cards.




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