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Shipping & Delivery

Shipping Rates

Free shipping when ordering more than 50 OMR.

When a purchase order is less than 50 OMR, a shipping charge of 10 OMR is charged.

Please note there are items that has "Free Shipping" and you will not have to pay the conditional fee of 10 OMR.


Shipping methods

Shipping is done by several means of shipment such as international express mail arriving to your postal box or Central Post Office of Oman. Shipping is also made by international companies such as Aramex, DHL, FedEx and UPS.


The shipping is to the registered address of the purchase order. You can register with your mailbox number or home address. In case we want to confirm the address or the Location for one reason or another to complete the process will be communicating with the client either by SheZain or by Oman post, the shipping company or delivery company.


Delivery inside Oman.

Currently we don't have products in our store.

For the products available in our store in Oman we do our best to deliver within 1-3 business days. Please note that we do not deliver during public holidays and weekends.

Please insert the locations marks as correct as possible.


Shipping and delivery from outside Oman

You can expect 10-40 working days until you receive your order.

We ship by one of the following methods; international mail, express mail or with international companies like DHL, Aramex, UPS and FedEx.

Please note, there may be some charges and/or customs or fees for delivery by  some international shipping companies which are not the responsibility of SheZain.



Tracking Number

We can provide a tracking number for the order when it is available and will notify the customer. Sometimes the tracking number may not be available for other reasons that are not under our control. This apply to International shipments.


Important Note

Our suppliers are from several countries around the world. There may be delays with shipping companies, transition centers or official holidays in supplier countries. We do not take any responsibility for the process because it is not in our control. We do our best to satisfy you by following up on your order.


The customer may have to pay customs or state taxes upon receipt of your order. This is not part of the payments to be paid to SheZain and we do not charge them to customers. We do not take any responsibility for these fees.



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